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Waste water filtration in remote areas can be challenging for some, but with our large array of portable filtration units we have risen to the challenge.  We have many equipment layout options and configurations to meet your filtration requirements.

Our fleet includes portable wheeled units for quick and cost effective mobilization with a foot print less than the size of a pick-up truck

as well as skid mounted units for more permanent installations.


 All of our systems come complete with the required accessories to operate these duplex multi-bag filter units.  

Systems are available for short or long term rental, with or without crews as required to meet your individual needs.

These units can be set up with any available P2 style filter from 1-500 microns and are suitable for flow rates

up to 8,000 GPM, depending on the materials being filtered and the pumping conditions.

Let us help you with your filtration needs and maximize efficiencies at lower costs.

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