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Our Floc Tank systems are easily transported to your work-site with only one lowboy.  

They have been designed to complement your Flowback & Completion Operations, ensuring you keep your waste streams separated.

Each offers a three stage sand and solids separation system with skimming weirs, to manage condensate and oil.  

This ensures that the duplex filtered waste water transferred from these units is contaminate free and ready for immediate reuse.  

Our tanks come with a dual outlet design allowing waste water to be transferred to multiple locations at the same time.


A multiple inlet configuration means that one unit can support up to four test packages with ease.  The open top design, divert-able trough

and de-gasser system allows the unit to be cleaned without the need to shut down operations;

keeping the sand out of your surface equipment and shortening the duration of flow back clean up by up to 50%.  


By keeping condensates out of storage tanks and containment rings we aim to  minimize 

worker exposure to harmful and flammable environments.

This system will greatly reduce your risk of having a fugitive vapour safety event on your site while saving you time and money.

Wild North Water System

Wild North Water System

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